Reimagining Education


Anne Barton-Veenkant

My name is Anne Barton-Veenkant. Education has been important in my own life. I have been in schools that served me as well as schools that didn’t, and even as a child, I knew it. It is now important to me that all our children have access to a great education.  I’m in my 8th […]

Lisa Smith

My name is Lisa Smith and I am here in support of Education Savings Accounts. School choice is paramount for all families. Every family story is different and unique. I’m a mother who wants the best education possible for my children. We live in a school district that’s been failing and unaccredited for nine years. […]

Robert & Paul Davis

My name is Paul Davis and I would like to share the success my child has experienced in the transfer program. My son Robert has autism and was severely bullied in the Normandy School District. I tried to do everything I could to protect my son and resolve the issues we were having. I demanded […]

Kelly Bryant-Vaughn

  My name is Kelly and I have a daughter beginning her fourth grade year at the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools- The Spanish School. I feel like my daughter has gained a lot of social skills being in a diverse environment. She is exposed to so many different cultures and races right in the heart of the […]

Leola Calhoun

My name is Leola Calhoun and I have a daughter who is in the first grade at KIPP: Wisdom and I am very concerned about the lawsuit being brought against the charter schools. My desire to ensure a high quality education for my children started with my experiences growing up. I started in St. Louis Public Schools […]

Fred Wooten

My name is Fred Wooten and I have a son going into fourth grade at the St. Louis Language Immersion School – The Chinese School. He’s been there since Kindergarten. I chose this charter school for the future advantages my son will have as far as the global economy and the Chinese influence all over […]

Ty’Rek’s Story

Latasha is a hardworking mom who believes in the importance of education. Unfortunately, Latasha and her family reside in an unaccredited school district and the educational options for her children are limited by their zip code. One by one Latasha sent her children off to start school at their only option, the traditional neighborhood school. It […]

Ryan Wessels and STL Real Estate

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is an important organization in the Saint Louis community.  We became aware of CEAM through a business associate who helps people relocate to the Saint Louis area.  Through this connection we scheduled an appointment to hear more about the organization and how we could help our clients through […]

Dana Gray

It is detrimental to the stability and safety of our neighborhoods and property values to have vacant properties, especially properties as large and central to our communities as public schools.  Reutilizing those vacant school buildings for educational purposes or other creative re-use is critical for the stability of the community. Charter or other schools should be […]

Sara Feagans

My name is Sara Feagans and I am a member of CEAM’s Young Friends network because I feel that all students should have access to a quality education regardless of where they live or the income their families make. As a former educator myself, I have been able to work for wealthy school districts in […]