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Missouri Superintendent Contract Finder

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Easy access to information is critical to understanding how schools function and tax dollars are spent. The Superintendent Contract Finder is CEAM’s latest project to help parents and other stakeholders find valuable information in an easy to understand format. To support more projects like this donate today!

From June to October of 2015, CEAM sent letters to all 520 of Missouri’s traditional public school districts requesting copies of their superintendent contracts under Missouri’s sunshine law. Fifteen districts have still not complied with the request. Lurray 33 School District was dissolved as of June 2015. A number of other district sent expired contracts. These statuses are noted in the “notes about this contract” section of the contract report produced when conducting a search.

When information was expired or not provided, we searched for salary information through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as well as through a public schools salary finder created by the St. Louis Post Dispatch earlier this year.

Users are invited to submit their comments and additional data to us by emailing peter@ceamteam.org.