Virtual Education in Missouri

What comes to mind when someone says the word “school?”

In today’s world filled with technology and interconnected everything, there is a new way to learn — one that is not tied to brick-and-mortar schools or one-size-fits all education philosophies.

Virtual education offers families the chance to get their education from the comfort of their home or even through thier phone anywhere in the world.

Virtual education will not work for every student because it requires a certain degree of dedication and self-discipline, but for those students who do find learning virtually to be a good fit for their learning styles, the new concept of a virtual school offers a wide variety of benefits:

  • Virtual schools allow students to learn at their own pace, advancing through subject matter as quickly or a slowly as their competency over the subject matter allows.
  • Virtual education can provide students in rural or urban areas access to more unique and higher level courses than those offered through their home districts.
  • Digital learning provides parents and teachers immediate, real-time data on how well a student is understanding the subject matter, allowing for quick interventions when a student is struggling.
  • Learning through a digital platform prepares students for online classes in college and the increasingly Internet-based business world.

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Join the fight to expand virtual education in Missouri

Families in Missouri currently have limited access to virtual education through the MoVIP program and the Missouri Online Summer Institute, but both of these programs have their own limitations.

The MoVIP program allows access to a variety of virtual education providers year round, but unless the student is suffering from a medical condition preventing them from attending school or is in one of the states six provisionally accredited school districts then the family is responsible for all tuition costs which can add up to close to $4,000 a year.

The Missouri Online Summer Institute is completely free, but only available during the summer and only if students are not taking other summer courses in their home district.

Missouri needs a better system that would allow any student to benefit from virtual education at any time during the year without families having to incure large expenses.