Accountability & Transparency


  • To provide parents with important information about the quality of the education their children are receiving.
  • To help ensure that the educational system is effective and efficient.


The Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP)

  • MSIP is the process created by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for reviewing and accrediting all of Missouri’s 520 school districts and charter public schools.
  • Recent changes to the MSIP formula have caused some to question whether this process provides useful information for parents.

A-F School Ratings

  • Currently, Missouri does not provide individual school ratings to all parents in a way that is both understandable and accessible. Having a simple “A-F” report card for each public school in Missouri would inform Missouri parents and encourage greater parental involvement.

The Missouri Accountability Portal

  • The Missouri Accountability Portal provides an in-depth look at how taxpayer money is spent for each agency, including the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. To view the Missouri Accountability Portal, please click here.

Spending Wisely

  • Missouri taxpayers spend about $9 billion annually on public schools in Missouri. Few would dispute that investing in education is important and vital to creating a thriving state. However, it is critical that Missouri taxpayers’ money is well spent and that we all have access to information regarding school finance.
  • EducationNext is a non-profit organization that follows trends in school spending around the country. It has a very comprehensive and useful collection of research, data and expert opinions about transparency and accountability in schools. Visit their website here to find out more.

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