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The best options for high quality education

Finding the school that best fits your child’s needs is the most important part of ensuring they have a good educational future. In Missouri, your choice of school options depends largely on where you live. Check out our guide to what your options are and get tips on how to find the best school!

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transparent and accountable EDUCATION policy

Whether your child attends a traditional district school, a charter school, or a private school, having good information on the schools' quality is vital to making sure your child is prepared for the future. Strong and transparent performance data is also key to ensuring the educational system is effective and efficient.

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Freedom to go to the school that fits

When families have educational options, they will be empowered to make a school choice that meets their student’s unique needs. A student’s right to an education should include all high-quality options that will meet their needs, including district, public charter, virtual, and private school options.

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15 education bills to watch in 2019

The 2019 Missouri legislative session starts on Wednesday. Many lawmakers have already filed bills that could have a major impact on the state’s education system. Here is a list of bills to watch when the session starts. SB 51 will finally give all Missouri families in metropolitan areas access to charter schools. The bill will […]

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7 facts about education in Missouri

Missouri has an education problem. We have many great schools and amazing teachers, but many children are still left behind. Sometimes the school is not the right fit for the child. Sometimes great teachers are held back by outdated bureaucracies. And, sometimes families are trapped without access to a good school. All of these issues […]

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School Choice: Other states are leading the way

Vouchers Education Savings Accounts (ESA) and Tax-Credit Scholarships Vouchers are state-funded coupons that parents redeem at private schools for tuition. Tax-credit programs allow donors to give to nonprofits that award scholarships. In return, the donor gets a state tax-credit. ESA’s are flexible spending accounts that give families the freedom to invest in education. They can […]

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