Reimagining Education


Today, children throughout Missouri go to school in an outdated system that locks parents and children into a predetermined path for their future based on where they live.

If you lived in a neighborhood with a failing school, would that be good enough for your kids?

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri believes that no parent should have to answer “yes” to that question and we are actively working with parents across the state to help them reimagine education in Missouri.

What would education look like if we could start with a completely clean slate and design it to meet the needs of the parents and students of the 21st century?

Imagine a world where parents had the power to choose schools that empowered teachers to use innovative approaches to harness the best aspects of today’s internet-driven technology.

Imagine a world where parents could choose a school that focused on art, or science, or languages because their child excelled in those programs.

Imagine a world where a student could connect with teachers and students throughout the state from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Imagine a world where parents, not bureaucrats, had power over the funding for and the quality of their children’s education.

Imagine a world where students were not left behind and stuck in a one-size-fits-all system, but instead were given the power to choose the educational path that fit them best.

CEAM believes that we have the power to help change the system and make those dreams a reality for every student in the state.

CEAM’s message of transforming education reaches over half a million people around the state. Through one-on-one meetings, door-to-door canvassing, advocacy training, and visits to the state capital CEAM engages, trains, and activates families with a passion for their children’s future. Their real-life stories illustrate the impact of education policies and the need for innovative solutions in Jefferson City, local and state school board meetings, and in the media.

Their message is clear:

We want the best possible educational options for our children in this fast-changing world and current systems and policies will not get us there.