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When you support CEAM you give Missouri parents a voice in the important conversations that will impact their children. Your donation supports the fight for equal access to high-quality education for all Missouri students regardless of zip code or income.

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CEAM – Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri, is trying to make more options available to children in Missouri. We believe that every Missouri student deserves access to a quality education, now. We are an advocate, guide, partner and supporter to parents. We train and mobilize parents to improve education.

We need your support to improve outcomes for ALL students.

CEAM is fighting for parents to achieve three goals:

Access – every student in Missouri should be able to access a good education.

Clarity – information about school and student performance should be easy to obtain and to understand.

Results – effective teachers using effective methods.

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Questions? Contact Peter Franzen at peter@ceamteam.org or 314-561-8644.