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Robert & Paul Davis

My name is Paul Davis and I would like to share the success my child has experienced in the transfer program.

My son Robert has autism and was severely bullied in the Normandy School District. I tried to do everything I could to protect my son and resolve the issues we were having. I demanded he have a para. She was with him all day for the sole purpose of keeping him from being bullied.

Middle school was ugly. It was like a prison in there. They would stage fights to distract security from the real fight happening on the other side of the school. I had completely had it and was getting ready to file a Federal complaint for a violation of civil rights before the transfer program became an option.

Before Robert was struggling with his academics and was bullied on a daily basis. Robert was getting F’s in math at Normandy and is now getting A’s in trigonometry in Francis Howell. He also had a D in language arts in the 7th grade I can now proudly say he is a getting an A.

I want the world to know that the transfer program works. I had my doubts at the beginning of last year when I made the decision to transfer my son Robert to the Francis Howell School District but now that we are in our second year I can say that it has made all the difference for my son’s future. Before, every day was a struggle but now everyday is a success.

Last year was his first year at his new school and the initial transition wasn’t easy. Most of the communication between teachers and families is through an online parent portal and I don’t have the internet at home. I felt lost without direct communication. I had mixed feeling but this year has proven to me that we made all the right decisions.

I had to make a lot sacrifices to keep Robert in FHSD this year. When we weren’t sure we’d be able to return to FHSD I did what I had to do to make sure he could return and rented an apartment in the district. When they announced they would be accepting applications for new transfers for next school year I applied again to transfer so that I could return to my home in Normandy.

I always knew he was very smart and capable of learning and was so happy to finally see it happening! He just got his report card and I can proudly say he got a 3.5 GPA last quarter with a cumulative GPA of 3.05. Robert blossomed like a rosebush.

Every child deserves a quality education.

UPDATE December 2016: Robert was accepted into Washington University! Congratulations to Robert and Paul!

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