Reimagining Education

Ryan Wessels and STL Real Estate

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is an important organization in the Saint Louis community.  We became aware of CEAM through a business associate who helps people relocate to the Saint Louis area.  Through this connection we scheduled an appointment to hear more about the organization and how we could help our clients through the efforts of the CEAM Team.

During our meeting with CEAM, they informed us about the MSIP 5 scores which rates all of the public and charter schools in the Saint Louis metro area.  They took the time to educate us and answer all of our questions.  It was amazing to hear of their personal experiences and insights into specific schools.  With a better understanding of these ratings, our office is now better equipped to answer that question on every parent’s mind when moving from one house to the next, “How are the schools?”  This will truly help us service our clients better!

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