Reimagining Education

Sara Feagans


My name is Sara Feagans and I am a member of CEAM’s Young Friends network because I feel that all students should have access to a quality education regardless of where they live or the income their families make.

As a former educator myself, I have been able to work for wealthy school districts in the county as well as a charter school in the city. I have had the opportunity to work in schools with many resources and access to great teachers and also in schools with little access to resources leaving students with a very different education than those in wealthier schools were able to receive. Having been able to see education from both of these angles, I have seen just how unfair and unjust it is to provide low income, and often minority, students with a lesser education than wealthier students.

The quality of education you receive should have nothing to do with the neighborhood you live in or the amount of money you make. All children should have equal access to a quality education. CEAM believes this as well and that is why I am a part of CEAM’s Young Friends network. Quality education should not just be a concern for parents, it should be a concern for everyone because it has lasting effects on our community, city, and state.

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