Reimagining Education

“Not every school fits every kid. Having charter schools gives parents choices to find the school that will help their child be the most successful.”

– Kristen Wright, Kansas City.

Kristen Wright is a teacher at Citizens of the World Charter School in Kansas City.

She spent most of her career working at a traditional district school in a suburban area, and was looking for a new challenge and opportunity when she moved to a charter school.

She knew that it was the right decision the moment she walked into Citizen’s of the World and saw a wide variety of creative projects the students were involved in. 

Kristen is concerned about funding inequities between charter schools and traditional district schools, and thinks that every parent in Missouri should have a chance to choose a charter school for their children.

She also thinks that charter schools are a great opportunity for teachers who are looking for more freedom and more chances to engage with their students.

“Having freedom to do what I want to do in my classroom makes me excited to teach every day,” she said.

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