Reimagining Education

“We hired tutors, we bought all of the educational toys, I have the freedom to stay home and let my son succeed, but my community does not have that option.”

– Cathy Jo Loy, Joplin.

As a mother of five, Cathy Jo Loy has had the privilege of making a lot of educational choices for her children. She has been lucky to have the ability to send her children to both public and private schools and to choose to homeschool her children when that has been the better option. She has seen how placing a student in the right environment can make a major difference in a child’s success.

Her decision to homeschool their foster child Max was transformative in his life.

After falling behind in school because he was not given work that challenged him, Cathy Jo started homeschooling Max and today Max is on track to graduate with both his high school diploma and an Associates’s Degree. 

Recognizing that others in her community did not have the same options, Cathy Jo has become a strong advocate for all kinds of school choice across Missouri.

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