Reimagining Education

“It is hard for many legislators and people in general to understand how much money public schools are saving just by the existence of private schools.”

– Scott Williams, Columbia.

Scott Williams is the head of school for Christian Fellowship School in Columbia, where he spent most of his life helping to provide a quality Christian education to the Columbia community.

Scott has recently gotten involved in the push to create an Empowerment Scholarship Account program in Missouri. He sees how much it could help low-income students access an education that fits their beliefs and needs. 

“We are currently serving a number of low-income and middle class families that are receiving significant tuition assistance to be able to come to our school,” he said.

Scott is also amazed at the amount of money that private schools already save the traditional school system each year. He estimates that in Columbia alone private schools save the district over $12 million a year by educating students that the district does not have to accommodate but still receives funding for.

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