Reimagining Education

“Education is the ticket out. The greater the education the greater the chance of getting a good job that you can provide for your family with.”

– Brandon Self, Lee’s Summit.

Brandon Self is a student at Lee’s Summit Christian Academy. He has three siblings, all of whom attend private school based on his family’s beliefs and desire for a high quality education. Brandon has worked with his school to help raise awareness of school choice programs and has visited the capitol in Jefferson City to encourage law makers to support Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.

He said he is working to expand school choice in Missouri because he wants his kids to have the same opportunities that he has.

Brandon believes that every student has different needs and that different schools work for different students. 

 He hopes to go into law enforcement and is worried that his salary will not allow him to send his children to a school that meets their needs. Brandon has seen his fellow classmates face similar issues. 

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