Reimagining Education

“Although decades apart in our educational needs, the traditional school system was still unequipped to meet the needs of my children.”

– Keri Wright, St. Louis City.

Keri Wright knows firsthand the benefits of finding a good school that fits. She escaped poor education in St. Louis when she was younger by participating in the desegregation program. Today she is doing everything she can to help her children have similar opportunities.

Her family’s complex story highlights the need for better access to schools of choice. Wright’s children first learned how different education could be in a different school when they escaped Normandy schools during the transfer program.

Knowing that she could not allow her students to return to a school that did not work for them when the transfer program ended, Wright made the difficult decision to move to St. Louis City so her children could have better options. She ended up in a less safe neighborhood, where her children cannot go outside to play.

But the move has allowed two of her children to attend Premier Charter School where they have thrived.

“My oldest daughter Madison, was invited to join the gifted program at her Premier,” said Wright. “She was also invited to take part in an accelerated math program after school. My kindergartner, under the diligent assistance of her teacher, no longer needs speech therapy. I found the staff emotionally and mentally invested in the success of my children. My children are offered many opportunities to succeed.”

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