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“When students are trapped in a school that is not meeting their educational needs, their future is at stake.”

– Kimberlee Gill, Lee’s Summit.

Kimberlee Gill has served as a school teacher and administrator for thirty years. She just wrote a dissertation on school-choice policies across the country and after reviewing twenty-nine states and over sixty policies, she soon realized that Missouri was way behind schedule in passing choice legislation.

 “I learned well-written policy saves the state money and can open the door to a better future for children,” she said. “I became an advocate to be a voice for those families who need a state that prioritizes educational excellence. I believe strongly in ‘the power of the and.’  Public, private, homeschool, and charter schools must learn to work together as a model for our children to demonstrate the power of synergy.” 

As the product of an adequate public school education, Kimberlee saw a clear difference when she received her doctorate at the age of 53, just four days before her son, who attended private schools, received his doctorate at the age of twenty-seven.  

Her other two children attend private school as well, a benefit that has come at a tremendous costs on many levels. 

“Children are worth any sacrifice, but I would like it to be a little easier for all parents to have access to what they believe is best for their child,” said Gill.

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