Reimagining Education

“It has been proven the Saint Louis Metropolitan area has had failing schools and districts often giving parents no choice on what type of educational instruction their children are provided.”

– Del-Rio Swink-Lee, St. Louis City.

Del-Rio’s daughter was severely bullied at her neighborhood school. When she and her daughter addressed concerns with their school they experienced retaliation including being banned from the school and retaliation against her daughter by school officials.

Her daughter’s experience was covered in the local news and Del-Rio has made multiple attempts to get help from administrators at the St. Louis Public Schools, going so far as to hold a rally outside of the main administration building.

Eventually, Del-Rio decided to remove her daughter from the school to home school. 

Del-Rio is still seeking justice from her school district but understands that passing an Empowerment Scholarship Account bill could not only give her daughter a private school option but also help the many other families in similar situations where their local public school option has failed their children. 

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