Reimagining Education

“When he (my son) was taken out of a pressure cooker environment and given the freedom to be in a place that saw him for who he was, he grew and our son started to come back to us.”

– Cara Lawrence, Lee’s Summit.

Cara Lawrence watched her son, who suffers from dysgraphia, failing in school by third grade.

Her son was bullied and told he was stupid, but she knew he was an amazing child and just needed to find the right place for him.By eighth grade they moved him to Marian Hope Academy where teachers recognized her son’s potential and helped him to regain his confidence and find a great path to the future. 

Today Cara’s son hopes to get his bachelor’s degree and become an officer in the military.

Cara now work as Marian Hope Academy and is heartbroken every time she gets a call from a parent who would like send their child to Marian Hope, but cannot afford it.

“It is devastating to me that a parent should have to keep their child in a school that is not working just because of finances,” Cara said. “In a perfect world parents should have choices.”

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