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Nyesha Coleman

My name is Latasha Buchanan and I have two children that started school last year in the Parkway School District through the transfer program. They have both been showing great improvement since transferring, but today I want to share Nyesha’s story with you. Nyesha was in the Normandy School District from preschool through first grade.

When my children started at Parkway, it was brought to my attention that my daughter Nyesha, a second grader at the time, was actually reading at a Kindergarten level even though she had gotten good grades at Normandy. I am proud to say that she has caught up and is now on grade level. I would also encourage any families that still have their children in the Normandy School District to do your own evaluation of your student’s achievement and not trust that just because they are getting A’s that they are on grade level.


This is an email that I received about my daughter Nyesha that also went out to the staff at River Bend Elementary. This let me know what my child can accomplish when there is a great staff and support that is there to help. This parent right here loves the Parkway School District.


“ I want to take a minute to brag on a student, our staff, and a parent. Nyesha Coleman came to us at the beginning of last year, second grade, from an outside district. At that time she was reading at a level D (end of Kindergarten/beginning of first grade). A year and a half later, with lots of hard work from Nyesha, many dedicated teachers, and a very supportive Mom, she is now reading at level N (beginning of third grade). WOW!!! I am so excited and amazed! Yesterday I had the chance to hear her read and it was wonderful to see how much growth she has had!! Nyesha should be very proud of herself, as should everyone who has helped her reach this point!!! Great Job Everyone!!”


Janelle Brauchle

Reading Intervention Specialist

River Bend Elementary

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