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The CEAM Team is working in real-time with hundreds of highly vulnerable Missouri families whose lives are being drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In all corners of the state, our families’ needs are already at the critical phase. We urge you to consider supporting CEAM’s most vulnerable families and please keep in mind… no contribution is too large.

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June 10th CEAM Calls to Action!

What can you do to ensure that students still have access to high quality education in your community?  We must put pressure on decision makers and let them know that we won’t back down.



CALL the governor’s office (573-751-3222) and let him know that you are concerned about the lack of high quality education options in your community.  What is his plan for all the children who have already transferred and those who have applied for this coming school year under the Outstanding Schools Act?


We THINK that they are going to allow the Normandy Schools Collaborative to start without an accreditation status, which under the law will stop transfers from happening in the Normandy School District.
*CALL the State Board of Education and let them know that you want the Normandy School District to remain unaccredited or at least to continue transfers- 573-751-4212 (option 7).
*EMAIL the Commissioner of Education at chris.nicastro@dese.mo.gov and the State Board at SBE@dese.mo.gov.
*COME to Jefferson City and tell the State Board of Education that you want access to high quality schools, and that they should give the Normandy Schools Collaborative the status of unaccredited to maintain student transfer program.


We know that they are denying people now.  We know that the paperwork required is substantial, and time consuming, but we are certain they have no legal standing to deny you your right to transfer under the CURRENT LAW, and status of NSD.
*Begin the transfer process and force NSD to process your paperwork before June 30th. (SEE 2014 TRANSFER PACKET) or http://www.ceamteam.org//student-transfer-toolkit/
*We assume they WILL DENY YOU because of an arbitrary deadline that was recommended by DESE, which is not protected under the Outstanding Schools Act.
*You must RECORD time, date and name of the individual that denied you your transfer. Record the conversation on your phone, send your request through email, or just jot down the information on your packet.

Come to one of CEAM’s communications trainings to learn how to tell your story in person with elected officials, the press, the DESE, the local school board, and the State Board of Education!  Find those listed at http://ceamteam.nationbuilder.com/events

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