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Governor Parson Signs Senate Bill 727 Into Law – Press Release


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Jim Gwinner

Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) Reacts to Senate Bill 727 – Education Reform Bill Becoming Law

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, May 7, 2024 – The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM)
released a statement today applauding Gov. Parson’s signing of Senate Bill 727, state Sen. Andrew
Koenig’s bill designed to provide comprehensive reforms to the state’s K-12 education structure.

“We are elated to learn that Senate Bill 727 was signed into law, today. The thousands of Missouri’s
children are the real winners – now with expanded options, an opportunity for better outcomes, and a chance for a brighter future,” said Dr. Joseph Ojile, President of the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri Board of Directors.

Senate Bill 727 is among the largest K-12 education omnibus bills the Missouri legislature has passed in decades. Over the next two years provisions will go into effect that include raising the minimum teacher salary in Missouri, expanding the possibility of charter schools to Boone County, and improvements to the Missouri course access program to simplify student enrollment. From the very beginning, the bill sought to expand and improve the MOScholars program, and it has done that dramatically.

“No parent should lie awake at night worrying about the lack of opportunities for their children. This bill becoming law provides Missourians with the best possible educational options, and in this fast-changing world, the current systems and policies did not get us there. CEAM’s commitment to Missouri’s children and families is bolstered by today’s action. We look forward to working with our elected leaders in the coming months to continue making the future bright for Missouri’s children,” Dr. Ojile continued.

Today, only 43% of school children are proficient in English language arts and less than 40% are proficient in math. One in 10 Missouri public school students is trapped in an underperforming school.

Currently, only families in St. Louis City and Kansas City have the choice to send their children to a
charter school. 1 Those outcomes and opportunities are expanded with the enactment of this bill into law.

CEAM is committed to working with the General Assembly and the next governor to address the ongoing needs facing Missouri’s children.


The mission of the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is to improve Missouri’s K-12
education system by advancing education policies and innovations that ensure all families have the right to choose the education they determine is best for their children.

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