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From Idea to Law: How Parents Can Make a Difference in Changing the Future of Education

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is committed to empowering parents to advocate for educational policies that put Missouri students first. On April 2, 2024, Lisa and Samoy continued their CEAM social media parent takeover with a Facebook LIVE session on how a bill becomes a law. This blog post dives into the process of how a bill becomes a law, highlighting the crucial role parents and advocates play in shaping educational change.

From Vision to Legislation: The journey of a bill begins with identifying a problem in the education system. Parents who are passionate about improving educational options can partner with legislators who share their vision. These legislators will sponsor bills that address the identified concerns.

Finding Your Voice: Each year, numerous education bills are filed in Missouri. Parents can find bills that align with their advocacy goals and actively support their passage.

The Committee Stage: Bills are assigned to committees for review. A critical step is the committee hearing, where public testimony is heard. This is your chance to make a difference! Parents can prepare compelling testimonies to convince the committee of the bill’s importance. CEAM offers training and resources to help parents become effective advocates.

If the committee votes to “pass the bill out of committee,” it moves on to the House or Senate floor for debate and a vote. This is where active lobbying efforts are crucial. Parents can contact legislators and urge them to vote in favor of the bill.

The Power of Advocacy

The legislative process doesn’t end there. If a bill is passed by one chamber, it crosses over to the other chamber where the process restarts. Both chambers need to approve a reconciled version of the bill before it reaches the Governor’s desk for signing.

Parents are the driving force behind educational choice advocacy. CEAM equips parents with the tools and knowledge they need to be effective advocates. Training programs help parents craft impactful testimonies and navigate the legislative landscape.

Join the Movement:

There’s no better time to get involved than now! CEAM invites parents who are passionate about educational choice to join their Advocacy Day and fight for better options for Missouri students.

You can sign up for our next Advocacy Day at the Capitol by registering here.

By working together, parents can turn their ideas into laws and shape the future of education in Missouri. Don’t forget to follow CEAM on social media for updates and ways to get involved.

Let’s make a difference for Missouri’s students!

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