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Empowering Parents: The Call for Educational Choice

CEAM advocates Del Rio Swink (L) and Lisa Smith (R) meet with Representative LaKeySha Bosley (C) during an Advocacy Day.

More parents are looking for options for their children’s education and the demand for school choice has never been more apparent. A recent report by The National School Choice Awareness Foundation (NSCAF) reveals a surge in parents considering alternative schooling options for their kids. Missouri is part of this national conversation as parents are advocating for the right to choose what’s best for their child’s education.

The survey responses detailed in the NSCAF report showed that 72% of parents explored new educational settings for their children in 2023.  That is a 35% increase from the previous year. Over 70% of parents in nearly every state back the implementation of school choice laws and programs.

In 2023 alone, 14 states introduced or expanded school choice programs, with six enacting universal school choice legislation. This momentum reflects a growing movement of parents demanding more control over their children’s education.

The movement for school choice is not without its detractors. Critics, including some within the education establishment, argue against choice initiatives, claiming they undermine the democratic fabric of education. Legal battles have also emerged, with lawsuits filed in various states challenging programs that provide parents with the flexibility to use traditional education funds for alternative educational options.

In these debates, the stories of individual families underscore the importance of educational choice. One such Missouri family, the Smith family, experienced firsthand the limitations of their local education system. Feeling forced to homeschool their children due to dissatisfaction with the quality of education provided by their district, they sought alternatives in neighboring school districts. Luckily, the family was able to find good options thanks to Missouri’s virtual education program and the new MOScholars K-12 scholarship program.

The Smith family’s journey highlights the challenges faced by parents in accessing educational options that meet their children’s needs. The Smith’s determination to seek alternative solutions shows just how serious parents are about ensuring their children get the education they need and deserve.

As a state where educational options are still evolving, Missouri stands at a pivotal juncture in the school choice debate. There is an opportunity to listen to parents advocating for choice. By expanding school choice initiatives, Missouri can empower families to access educational environments that best suit their children’s needs, fostering a more diverse and inclusive educational landscape.

Looking ahead, organizations like The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) are leading the charge to expand school choice options, with a focus on student-centric approaches in Missouri. By prioritizing parent voices and championing policies that put children’s well-being at the forefront, Missouri can chart a course towards a more equitable and dynamic educational system.

If you are interested in advocating for K-12 education policies that will give families more options in education, please reach out to Cici Tompkins: cici@ceamteam.org

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