Reimagining Education

What did you do Tuesday night?

Chris Geden, Community Outreach Director, Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

I couldn’t have been any prouder than I was on Tuesday August 2, 2011 of living in St.Louis . I spent some time meeting our neighbors across this city from North city to South city and many places in between while the events were vastly different from neighborhood to neighborhood the message couldn’t have been any clearer we want our streets and communities to be safe havens . Why were all these people out because it was National Night Out.  National Night Out is neighborhood block parties designed to: Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime programs; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. Studies show that there is a connection with education and the crime rate take a look at this study from California the numbers are amazing .There are many problems in this country but if we take a closer look at the effect it has on our communities maybe education should be at the top of our to do list.

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