Reimagining Education

Once Upon a Time – Asia’s Story

My name is Asia and I attended Riverview Gardens High School my freshman year.  When I was attending Riverview I experienced a lot of things, both negative and positive.  My year at Riverview High School wasn’t anything like my current experience in Mehlville now.  When I was at Riverview my grades were very low, it wasn’t just the school it was me too.  It was hard to be focused at Riverview because there was so much commotion, such as fighting, kids yelling, and constant interruptions.  I can say I played a big part in it, but in my opinion, many of the teachers where not really trying to teach or change students behavior.

Now that I am at Mehlville my grades are improving a lot.  In my opinion the difference is that the teachers are more interested in making sure that I am both challenged and successful. If I am not understanding something, the teachers, students and staff are all willing to help me.  I am really enjoying Mehlville.  I love it. And I really don’t want to leave!  

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