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Time Sensitive information for families interested in applying for a K-12 scholarship – through the MOScholars program!

It’s time to apply for MOScholars! As this is a first come first serve program we encourage you to get your application submitted at your very first opportunity. 

Step 1: Identify your Educational Assistance Organization

The first step in applying to the program is filling out the pre-qualification survey with the Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) that is associated with the private school of your choice. 

The EAO is the non-profit organization that you will be applying through and who will be awarding your scholarship. They will be your main point of contact throughout the process. (New schools are added to the program on a regular basis so if you don’t see your school on the list please contact the school to inquire about their participation.)

To see the list of private schools participating in the program, their EAO’s and the application process visit this page of our website: https://www.showmeschooloptions.org/howtoapply

Some of the EAO’s have updated their websites and will be taking applications for the ‘24/’25 school year in February. Each EAO may have a different application start date so make sure to check their websites for updates. A list of EAO’s and links to their websites can be found here: https://www.showmeschooloptions.org/eao 

Once the EAO confirms your eligibility you will be sent the application. 

Step 2: Prepare to Apply

Refer to this Parent Handbook for information on the paperwork required to apply. The paperwork requirements vary depending on how you qualify for the program. 

**Special note for families qualifying based on income other than students entering KG or 1st grade: If your student is coming from a public school and is qualifying based on income you will need your student’s MOSIS DESE ID to complete the application. This can be provided by your public school district but may take time so we recommend getting started on this right away. The MOSIS DESE ID is your student’s unique identification number through the state. This is not your district student ID.

If you don’t qualify and would like to advocate with us to help expand MOScholars please read this blog for information on how we are working NOW to expand the program: https://www.ceamteam.org/capitol-report-parents-are-taking-action/

If you have any questions or require assistance please reach out to Cici Tompkins at cici@ceamteam.org.

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