Reimagining Education

Cici Tompkins

Community Outreach Manager

For over 20 years, Cici has been involved in education with the firm belief that investing in our children is the most effective way of solving our societal problems. Cici’s first year as a teacher was in St. Louis at the St. Michael School in 1998. In 1999, Cici was recruited by Make-A-Mess and Make-Believe School, in Boulder, Colorado to act as a curriculum development consultant and art director.

In 2001, after earning a Master’s in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in early childhood from the University of Colorado at Denver, Cici founded the Boulder Family School. The preschool serviced children ranging in age from one to five. In 2004, the Boulder Family School received a four-star rating from the Qualistar rating program.

After 9 years of being an educator in Colorado, and five years in St. Louis area schools, Cici felt frustrated with our failing education system. This is when she learned about CEAM and the education reform movement. She started on CEAM’s outreach team knocking on doors and making phone calls in May of 2013. Now, as the Community Outreach Manager she feels privileged to be working across the state to educate and mobilize advocates to help get their voices heard by education decision-makers on the local level at town halls and school board meetings as well as at the state capitol.