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School Choice: Other states are leading the way

Missouri is falling behind other states on education freedom.

States across the country are doing a better job of helping families open the door to a better education.

Florida, Indiana, and Wisconsin have led the way. They offer many programs for families to choose the school that best fits their needs.

They have thriving charter schools and also offer key policies for private school choice including:

  • Vouchers
  • Education Savings Accounts (ESA)
  • and Tax-Credit Scholarships
Types of private school choice

Vouchers are state-funded coupons that parents redeem at private schools for tuition.

Tax-credit programs allow donors to give to nonprofits that award scholarships. In return, the donor gets a state tax-credit.

ESA’s are flexible spending accounts that give families the freedom to invest in education. They can spend the funds on a wide variety of needs including:

  • private school tuition
  • specific homeschool expenses
  • textbooks
  • education materials/curriculum
  • standardized test fees
  • tutoring
  • therapy for students with special needs
  • transportation
  • and online programs/courses
Impact of school choice

States embracing school choice policies have seen improvements in student achievement. In fact, test scores improve in both public and private schools.

School choice can also lower teen-suicide rates and improve college enrollment.

How does Missouri compare?

Missouri is far behind these education reform leaders. Sadly, we have also fallen behind our neighbors.

Kansas and Iowa have a tax-credit scholarship program. Arkansas has a voucher program. Tennessee has an ESA program. Last year Illinois started a $100 million private school tax-credit scholarship program.

Missouri families can only access any form of school choice, charter schools, and in only two school districts.

This makes it hard for Missouri to compete in workforce development. It also makes it harder for Missouri to attract new residents who want the best education possible.

How Missouri can change

It is time that Missouri caught up with our neighbors. We need to give families the power to choose the best education for their children.

This year, the legislature will consider bills that:

  • Expand charter schools
  • Create an ESA program
  • Improve school accountability
  • And increase rights for homeschoolers
Join the fight today!

CEAM’s Phone2Action platform provides a quick and easy way for you to contact your elected officials about key school choice issues.

The text-based system allows us to notify you when important legislation is being heard and gives you a chance to tell your legislators how you feel about the issue with just a few quick clicks on your phone.

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