Parents for Educational Progress

What is Parents for Educational Progress?

Parents for Educational Progress builds a network of informed, engaged and organized parents around the state that are knowledgeable about education policy. Parents for Educational Progress participants are parents that are engaged in policy change and are equipped to communicate with other parents, school and elected officials and the media to create better education policy state-wide.

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Parents for Educational Progress is a multi-part program that provides training in the following:

1. Policy– Parents learn how the concerns they have about educating their children are directly related to local, state or federal education policy.
2. Communication– Parents learn how to effectively communicate with policy makers, media, and other stakeholders.
3. Organizing– Parents will learn the nuts and bolts of community organizing so they can effectively engage other parents.

What will parents who complete Parent for Educational Progress trainings do?

Parents who complete Parents for Educational Progress trainings will join other CEAM supporters from across the state as part of a CEAM action network. Parents for Educational Progress equips parents to better understand how education policy impacts their children’s chances of accessing a high quality education and to become more effective advocates for their own children and education policy change.

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Why did CEAM create Parents for Educational Progress?

For far too long parents and children have been left out of policy decisions that affect the quality of education a child receives. CEAM, its members and supporters feel strongly that when equipped with the right tools, parents will be able to organize and ensure they have a seat at the table when local and statewide education policy decisions are made. This will ensure that the focus of education policy remains on the students and not the adults.

Who can participate in Parents for Educational Progress?

Anyone who is a resident of Missouri who does have or will have a child in grades Kindergarten through 12.

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Meet the Parents of the Movement!

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Jandi’s story:

“My name is Jandi and I am the parent of a transfer student currently enrolled in the 4th grade in Ladue.

“Before the transfer program my son went to a small private school where they didn’t recognize he had a learning disability. They thought he just had behavioral issues and I saw he was beginning to be labeled as the ‘bad kid.’ When he was evaluated and diagnosed with a disability, his school said he couldn’t come back. That same summer the transfer program became an option and I ran and applied on one of the last days. There was no way, no how, my child was going to Normandy especially after the Wellston merger. I knew the class sizes were very large. I knew what the student population was like from seeing the kids in the community. I didn’t want my son get labeled once again. I wanted him to get the help he needed. Click here to read more.

Tyree’s story:

“My name is Tyree Dabney and I believe education is the most important factor in determining a child’s future. It is also the only way towards creating an equal society.

“I personally experienced inequality in education. I attended St. Louis Public Schools from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Our family then moved to the suburbs of Chicago where I was able to attend some excellent schools. I had teachers that got me excited about learning and I was on track to be able to enter some great colleges. Click here to read more.

DeAnne’s story:

“My name is DeAnne and I would like to tell you my success story. Since transferring my children out of the Riverview Gardens School District, my children are happy, safe and part of a community that has welcomed them with open arms.

“My daughter Charlie is performing above grade level and my son Jayden is also doing very well with A’s and B’s. Both of my children love their school. Charlie participates in Girl Scouts and Jayden knows nearly every child at school and has a large group of friends. The school has been so inclusive that no one other than the principal and their teachers even know or can tell they are transfer students. Click here to read more.

How can I join the Parents for Progress movement?

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