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Missouri loses champion of education

Rep. Rebecca Roeber, a long-standing champion of improving education in Missouri, died in her sleep on Tuesday while vacationing with her family in Colorado.

Rep. Roeber served as the chair of the Missouri House of Representatives Education Committee and has played a key and influential role in helping to advance school choice legislation in Jefferson City.

The success of students throughout the state, and their ability to access a quality education, were a driving force for Rep. Roeber, a retired teacher who sponsored charter school expansion legislation in recent years and has been a vocal supporter of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and virtual education.

Rep. Roeber, a Republican from Lee’s Summit, had recently recovered from injuries caused by a serious car crash she was involved in in March and had just announced her intention to run for re-election.

Rep. Roeber’s death is a major loss for her loving family, her constituents and students throughout Missouri.

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