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It can be done and it is being done.

Chris Geden, Community Outreach Director, Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

As the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri prepares itself for the kick-off of the Parent Academy  at the end of August, one does not have to look hard for inspiration and affirmation as we embark on what will be a critical step in Missouri Education reform.

I happened upon this very motivating story of how, despite the socioeconomic divide that is unfortunately associated with our failing education system, there are people doing more than just talking about making a difference. And they have the test scores to prove it: Harlem Educational Activities Fund and Success Academy Charter schools are doing great things for our kids, and I urge you to read this article .

I will end this post with a quote from school leader Eva Moskowitz who shared the following statement: “I could not be more proud of our teachers, leaders, scholars and parents who collectively work their hearts out every day to show the heights that all children can reach in the classroom. They are showing that we can not only narrow the achievement gap, we can shatter it through a combination of excellent teacher training, rigorous and well-rounded curricula and time in the day to allow kids to just be kids.”

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