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Cosby Speaks Out on Great Teachers and Spending

By Peter Franzen, Director of Development

The educational extreme makeover our schools need is not going to result from any one, single solution.   Just as certain, the solutions will come from a variety of sources that will include parents, educators, business and civic leaders, and concerned citizens and stakeholders.

Most importantly, the process will require that we all keep clear heads and open minds.  That isn’t always easy because education reform efforts naturally draw about the broadest spectrum of people because the issue has such a far reach.  We care about education because we recognize the profound impact it has on a person’s life and, in turn, society.

Comedian Bill Cosby recently spoke out on the subject of education reform during a teleconference as part of School Choice Week.  Cosby made a point of talking about his sixth grade experience that featured a firm and loving teacher who Cosby credits with saving his academic life.  According to Cosby, his sixth grade teacher’s diligence and guidance helped him stick to his studies and go from poor performance to straight A’s.

Cosby also addressed an important myth of American education saying, “Cuts, cuts, cuts, that is what we hear, but education is not a thing that big bucks happens to be the answer [to]. The answer is — with education comes teaching children to respect and love questions, looking for the answer, reading,” he said, explaining that these responsibilities fall on the parents, teachers, and school officials.

Cosby’s sentiment on spending is supported by education research that shows while inflation-adjusted, per student spending has double over the last 40 years, student test scores have remained flat during that same period.

You can read more about Cosby’s remarks on the School Choice Week conference call here.


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