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CEAM TEAM IN ACTION: Parents complete Advanced Advocacy training

Parents fighting for a better education for their children added some new tools to their efforts in June, thanks to CEAM’s Advanced Advocacy training sessions.

Steve Richardson helps parents practice media interviews.

The four-part pilot training series is aimed at helping parents stand up for their children’s right to have access to the best educational choices possible.

CEAM has stood with many of the parents participating in the program over the past four years as they have struggled to find the best schools after both the Normandy and Riverview Gardens school districts lost their state accreditation.

The most recent training sessions focused on giving the parents advice on how to effectively have their stories of school choice heard.

Holly Adams practices public speaking.

On June 3, parents learned about the importance of being prepared for an interview.

Parents enjoyed constructive feedback on the best way for them to concisely share the difficulties they have faced in getting access to high-quality schools and the success they have found there.

Then, on June 10, parents worked on how to make their voice louder and more easily understood when speaking in public while not shouting or sounding angry.

Previous sessions of the Advanced Advocacy Training series focused on effective uses of social media and testifying before the state legislature.

CEAM will be providing similar training in 2017 through a collaborative project with the Missouri Charter Public School Association and will continue to provide advanced training as new parent-leaders emerge.


How to get involved

To get involved in telling your school choice story or to find out about future training sessions, contact CEAM Community Outreach Manager Cici Tompkins at cici@ceamteam.org or by phone at (314) 561-8646.

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