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CEAM bringing ed reform champion Mitch Daniels to MO

Over a third of Missouri students are not proficient in reading and over half are not proficient in math.

Over 85 percent of Missouri businesses do not feel that our schools are preparing students for the workforce, resulting in the loss of over $1 trillion in potential economic activity.

It is clear that Missouri needs a dynamic reimagining of how we educate our children to succeed in the 21st century.

Attendees at CEAM’s 2018 Champion of Education Reform Awards Gala will have a chance to hear how Indiana did just that under the leadership of education reform champion Gov. Mitch Daniels.

During his tenure as governor of Indiana, Daniels led the movement to pass legislation that provided greater access to charter schools, improve the quality of educators in the classroom and opened the doors for more than 40,000 low-income students to access a high-quality private education through the Choice Scholarship Program.

His leadership helped pull together a movement that had been brewing for years and turn the dream of a brighter future for Indiana students into a reality.

Today, Indiana has one of the most expansive and successful school choice friendly education systems in the country.

But Gov. Daniels’s quest to open the doors of education did not end with his governorship. Over the past six years, he has brought equally important and impressive reform to higher education as the president of Purdue University.

His innovative leadership has made obtaining a degree more affordable, more easily accessible, and more likely.

Since taking the post in 2012 he has reduced total student debt by 37 percent, spearheaded an innovative Income Share Agreement program which has prevented almost $6 million in student loans, created 3-year degree programs which speed students through college, increased student applications by 56 percent and reached a six-year graduation rate of 76 percent.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from Gov. Daniels at the 2018 Champion of Education Reform Awards Gala.

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