Reimagining Education

“Charter schools changed my life, my children’s life and have just made everything so much easier.”

– Stephanie Ross, Kansas City.

Stephanie Ross has two children who have benefited from access to charter schools in the Kansas City area. 

Her first daughter is at Mizzou and her second daughter found a new academic life at Hogan Prep Academy. Stephanie said her second daughter was struggling in school and may not have graduated if she had not moved to a charter school and gotten an IEP that really helped to turn her future around.

Her daughter had been denied an IEP twice when she was in district schools, with school staff saying that she just had behavior problems. But when she moved to a charter school she was included and soon found herself on the AB Honor Roll.

After seeing how having educational options has changed her daughters’ lives, Stephanie says she would move to have better options if she had to.

“School choice is the way to go,” she said. 

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