Reimagining Education

“Teaching at a charter school allows you to rediscover the joy of teaching. This is the first time in my career where I wake up feeling really excited to go to school.”

– Mikael Spears, Kansas City.

Mikael Spears is a teacher at Kansas City International Academy, a charter school in Kansas City.

He spent ten years teaching in traditional district schools and learned that the bureaucracy of that system made it really hard to teach, noting that even something as simple as reading a book to a student required unnecessary levels of red tape.

When Mikael moved to a charter school he found a completely different environment, one where he could grow and fully utilize his knowledge to have a real impact on his students.

“If you are with a public school system and you feel like you are being micromanaged or you feel like you are being put in a box and you are not able to express yourself through your technique or your craft,” he said, “this is the perfect place to come and be yourself and have fun at your job.”

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