Reimagining Education

The time is now!

By Chris Geden, Community Outreach Director, Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

How long are we going to accept the educational options being offered in urban and rural America? Are we so niave that we think it’s a problem that will fix itself?

Each year we send million of kids (some who have graduated and some who have dropped out) into the real world ill prepared and uneducated, then when they mess up, we blame them.However, before you point the blame at American youth, think about this–when in your lifetime have you raised concern and then DONE something about the lackluster performance of our education system?

Well, in case you need a little motivation here is a group of parents who put their children’s best interest above that of popular opinion.

The only way that change can occur in our failing educational institutions is for parents and communities to say” enough already–the status quo is unacceptable”. Parents need to join together and begin mobilizing, be willing to fight the systems that have caused this sickening trend. Parents need to understand the best way of educating our children is through choice. I have every right, as a parent, to decide where or how my children are educated. I feel that the kind of uprising we are seeing in Harlem needs to be going on all across the nation–parents banding together to force education reform for all our kids. Please check out the story and video linked above, they are both very powerful.





































































































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