Reimagining Education


“My name is Jandi and I am the parent of a transfer student currently enrolled in the 4th grade in Ladue.

“Before the transfer program my son went to a small private school where they didn’t recognize he had a learning disability. They thought he just had behavioral issues and I saw he was beginning to be labeled as the “bad kid.” When he was evaluated and diagnosed with a disability, his school said he couldn’t come back. That same summer the transfer program became an option and I ran and applied on one of the last days. There was no way, no how, my child was going to Normandy especially after the Wellston merger. I knew the class sizes were very large. I knew what the student population was like from seeing the kids in the community. I didn’t want my son get labeled once again. I wanted him to get the help he needed.

“When he got to Ladue they embraced him from the very beginning. They knew his background and they weren’t judgmental. They saw his disabilities but also recognized he was a smart kid that wanted to do well but was struggling. They took the appropriate steps, did testing and gave him an IEP. There has been great communication between the doctors and counselors. The principal is also very supportive and understands my son’s disability from her own experiences and exposures so she was able to sympathize with his struggles. I like the school because there’s a lot of diversity. There are children from all nationalities there. If I could afford to live in Ladue I would but it’s not realistic for us. Most importantly we have noticed a difference in our son.

“I care about all children and hope that the transfer program remains for all. As a mom I am asking that no matter what happens with student transfers that you please allow my child to stay at his school. My son loves his new school and his new school loves him. Please don’t uproot him because every time children are moved to a new school it is a very difficult adjustment. I want to see my son graduate from the district he is in now.”

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