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Students: ‘Thank you for trying to improve education’

Private school students from across the state were in Jefferson City this week to thank legislators for working to help improve Missouri’s education system by opening the doors for families to choose the school that best fits their child.

Four students from Crosspoint Christian School in Villa Ridge joined four students from Summit Christian Academy to share their stories with legislators and thank them for supporting the effort to pass Empowerment Scholarship Account legislation this year.

The students broke up into groups in order to reach all of their legislators and were honored and recognized on the Senate floor by Sen. Ed Emory.

Ryan Wagy, a student at Summit Cristian Academy, said he knew it was hard for legislators to stand up for something that could help change the status quo, but that giving more parents the ability to choose their child’s school would help the state.

“I have been in private school since preschool,” he said. ” I believe the education is better than what you see in public schools and the test scores reflect that.”

Lydia Young, a student at Crosspoint Christian School said she appreciated the sacrifice her parents had made for her to have a quality education.

“I would really like to see more families have the opportunity to send their children to private schools,” she said. “I know financially it can be really hard on a family and the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship would enable them to send their kids to an education they desire and deserve.”

Brandon Self, a student at Summit Christian Academy, said he did not know how he would have survived in a traditional district school.

“It is important because not one size fits all,” he said. “I want people to think about their future and their kids’ future. I want to be able to give my kids the education I had.”

Emmie Windes, a student at Crosspoint Christian School, said her parents had sacrificed as well for her to attend a private school and she wanted more families to have that opportunity.

“Parents should have a choice in where they send their kids,” she said. “The public school environment is not right for every kid.”

Kennedy Cooper, a student at Summit Christian Academy, said she has friends who would benefit from Empowerment Scholarship Accounts – friends who would like to attend her school but can not afford it.

“It (Empowerment Scholarship Accounts) allows families who may not be able to afford to make this choice for their child’s education to be able to do it,” she said. “To get their child the best fit and the best education that they can.”

Drew Hofsetter, a student at Crosspoint Christian School, said he has seen the difference in private and public schools through an after-school program he helps with at public school.

“Just hearing their stories and stuff they deal with in third grade are things I never had to deal with at their age,” he said. “Parents making the choice to put their kids in private school can make a huge difference in their lives.”

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