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An Open Letter from a Riverview Gardens Transfer Parent


To Whom it may concern:

It has been brought to my attention that a decision on accreditation for Riverview school district is being made soon. As a parent with children in the transfer program, this decision will have a very big impact on my family. It is of extreme importance that my children be able to continue attending school in the Kirkwood School district. My children have improved in leaps and bounds in the time that they have been in Kirkwood School District.

So far, Riverview Gardens and Normandy still have the lowest academics in the state. Riverview’s APR went down 4.7% from last year, and has only increased 1.7% in math and 2% in reading from last year.

It is unjust for our children to be forced into a mediocre school district that is simply hanging on by a thread. For our children to continue to excel in their educational careers and go on to be successful in their future endeavors it is imperative that the state of Missouri have higher academic expectations for our children and not reaccredit Riverview until they show significant academic gains. There is a new MSIP district rating system coming soon which should weigh academics heavier. If they are reaccredited and then lose their accreditation again because of the new rating system, it would cause the district to lapse according to a provision in the state law.

I am writing this letter, not only for my children’s futures, but for all of the children involved. I am sure that based on the facts, you will agree that to pull these children out of schools with effective curriculum and insert them into the lowest performing school districts would be detrimental to their academic futures, as well as their mental, emotional, and social stability. Please, make this decision based upon the needs of our children and not reaccredit Riverview until they are able to match the level of other high achieving schools in Missouri. Thank you.


Alrenequa Tomlin

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