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Why are districts preventing transfers?

Although there are three unaccredited districts serving more than 5% of Missouri’s public school students, only one accredited district has complied with the law.

So why are districts preventing transfers?

What they say…

This law is a violation of the Hancock amendment.

Why they are wrong…

The Hancock Amendment is an amendment in the Missouri Constitution that makes it illegal for the State Government to mandate a lower government, such as a school district, do something without the appropriate amount of money. The Children’s Education Alliance believes this is not a violation of this amendment because the statute clearly states that the failing district is responsible for paying the tuition to district of the parents’ choice.


What they say…

This law is impossible for us to comply with

Why they are wrong…

All this law requires the districts to do is educate children. They do this already for thousands of children, there is no reason to assume they couldn’t continue to do so for child who reside in an unaccredited district.

What they say…

If this law is enforced, our districts will be overcrowded

Why they are wrong…

Because all but one school district has refused to take transfer students, they are simply speculating about the number of children who would seek a transfer.


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