WatchDogs for Educational Progress

The purpose of WatchDogs for Educational Progress is to insure each district in Missouri and the state is held accountable for the actions they take on behalf of the community. CEAM WatchDogs pay special attention to: any unusual decisions, teacher layoffs, student transfer decisions, accreditation status, VICC program, charter school decisions, major budget changes, and changes in board members. This effort is to insure transparency and accountability so that every parent has access to accurate information about the education of their child.

Keep failing districts honest. Help CEAM by attending board meetings at: Normandy Schools Collaborative, Riverview Gardens, St. Louis Public City Schools (Special Administrative Board) and Kansas City Public Schools. We are looking for at least one WatchDog in each of these districts.

By becoming a WatchDog you will assist in tracking the decision making of boards at the state and local level. This will be accomplished by going to board meetings, recording the meeting on an audio device (if available) and filling out the WatchDog Tracker form.

I want to be a WatchDog!

For more information contact Karla Ramirez at

**** Donate your audio recorders if you’re not using them****