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MOScholars Tax Credit webinar. Monthly webinars through December.

Live presentation explains how to take advantage of Missouri’s only 100% tax credit along with audience Q&A. RSVP today.

The CEAM Team is spreading the word about this amazing new program through a series of new monthly “Lunch and Learn” Zoom webinars that will give individuals and businesses a chance to learn how they can transform the state taxes they are already paying into scholarships for some of Missouri’s most disadvantaged students.

MOScholars is Missouri’s first 100 percent tax credit program, which means that every dollar you donate to a scholarship is one less dollar you have to pay in state taxes next year.

The #TaxCreditTuesdays webinars will be held on the third Tuesday of each month in 2023.

These monthly Zoom webinars are a great way to learn about the new MOSchoalrs program and how you and/or your business can use it to help improve education options throughout Missouri.

Each webinar will start with a brief overview of the program, provide detailed instructions on how to reserve the tax credits, and give participants time to ask specific questions about their own situations.

So are you ready to make a difference? You can redirect up to 50% of the taxes you are ALREADY paying the state each year towards creating scholarships for Missouri children. This incredible opportunity allows you to support the community without impacting your bottom line, and you can proudly showcase the number of scholarships you’re helping provide each year.

MOScholars opens doors to a wide range of education options, from religious and secular private schools to public schools, charter schools, and accredited home schools. And here’s the real kicker: these scholarships are renewed every year until the student graduates high school, giving them the support they deserve.

You can help make high-quality education accessible to all Missouri students and create a brighter future for our state without spending a dime. 

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