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Virtual education options becoming a reality

Close to a year after the Missouri legislature passed the Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP), options for students to take virtual education courses through their district schools are finally becoming a reality.

The MOCAP website is starting to list approved vendors of virtual courses, all of which are open to any public school student in the state to enroll in free of charge unless their district can prove it is not in the best academic interests of the student.

But parents might miss the most exciting offering, announced on May 7 through Business Wire, because it is not currently listed on the state website as an option.

The Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA) is provided through the Grandview R-2 School District and under state law, virtual education courses or programs offered by school districts are automatically approved to participate in the Missouri course access and virtual school program.

MOVA not only offers parents access to a full-time virtual curriculum for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, but it also provided a unique career readiness curriculum for high school students through its Destinations Career Academy program.

Through that program, students can choose one of several career pathways (business, health and human services, and information technology) to focus on while also completing the requirements for their high school diploma. As part of the program, students can get hands-on workplace skills, participate in career-oriented clubs/organizations like SkillsUSA, and be prepared to take industry-recognized certifications upon graduation.

“At MOVA, we are committed to providing a personalized education that helps students grow and thrive,” said Superintendent Matthew Zoph. “In everything we do—whether it’s preparing students to take industry-recognized certification exams or designing individual learning plans—we want every student to have a chance to succeed.”

MOVA students will also have access to a wide variety of online clubs including LEGO®, Survival Skills, Chess, Debate, German, Spanish, Quiz Bowls, American Red Cross, Mathematical Mysteries of the Universe, American Girls, Guitar, Oceanography, Photography, College Prep, and more.

Students in the MOVA program will remain students in their local district or charter school even if they take a full-time virtual program and will work with the local district to take all state-mandated tests like the MAP and EOC.

Families interested in enrolling in the program should ask about it with their school counselor and visit the MOVA enrollment page.

Other providers

Other providers listed on the MOCAP webpage provide individual virtual courses for middle and high school level students.

These providers include:

To enroll in these courses parents should check with the guidance counselors at their schools.

Under state law, student who have attended a public charter or district school for at least the last semester may enroll for free in a virtual course or program provided by ANY vendor approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education including the 8 listed on the MOCAP website and any programs provided by districts like the MOVA program.

The same programs are open for students who are homeschooled or attend a private school, but the parents will be responsible for tuition.

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