Reimagining Education

Shalonda Smith

I live in the Normandy School District and I have 4 children who were a part of the transfer program. They attended the Francis Howell School District. I believe in high quality education for my children and would like them to continue in their schools because of my children’s experiences with Normandy schools. We have lived in the Normandy district for approximately 4 years and my children were not getting the education they deserve. They had teachers who did not care, no school books, no homework, bullying, fighting, as well as my son went through half of the school year without his required IEP services. My children came home frustrated and not wanting to learn because they didn’t understand the assignments that were given.

Our experience with the Francis Howell School District was wonderful. They had caring teachers who made sure all the students understood the work. They had books, they had homework, they had engineering, cooking workshops etc. to offer and most important they had support from all the staff. There was great communication between myself and the teachers. In fact, my daughter who was in 8th grade last year, went from “F”s at the beginning of the year to “B”s by the end of the year. Her whole attitude towards learning changed and she woke up each day looking forward to school.


I believe in the student transfer program and I want my children to be able to get the BEST education at an accredited school with good teachers who are willing to teach. I am asking you to consider letting children continue in this program. They are our future and I want the best for all children and they can’t get the best education at a school district with NO accreditation.

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