Reimagining Education

DeAnne Toussaint

“My name is DeAnne and I would like to tell you my success story. Since transferring my children out of the Riverview Gardens School District, my children are happy, safe and part of a community that has welcomed them with open arms.

“My daughter Charlie is performing above grade level and my son Jayden is also doing very well with A’s and B’s. Both of my children love their school. Charlie participates in Girl Scouts and Jayden knows nearly every child at school and has a large group of friends. The school has been so inclusive that no one other than the principle and their teachers even know or can tell they are transfer students.

“As far as class size, there is an average of 22-23 students for each third grade class. They treat each child like they are capable of learning and don’t tolerate any behavior issues. My children play in the playground like children should without the fear of being attacked.

“Charlie and Jayden are both on the honor roll with perfect attendance. Yes, this single mother of four, grandmother of three, who works two jobs and is a full time student, manages to get up every morning, get the kids dressed, sign their homework and get them to school ON TIME everyday.

“Please hear me when I say, the transfer program is the best thing to happen to students in failing school districts. Please continue the transfer program. Thank you.”









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