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Teach for America Proves its Worth…AGAIN

Kate Casas, State Director, Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

As a Teach for America (TFA) Alum (StL-05 Corps Member), it does not surprise me that some of the brightest minds in the education community have recently found that TFA’s rigorous selection process translates into better outcomes for students. Having been close to the process, I know the amount of brain-power, time, and money TFA spends perfecting every single piece of every single thing they do. The most important of which is the recruiting and training of teachers.

I know this study will cause the leadership of TFA to re-examine (again) their selection and training process. As an organization they are constantly learning new things and applying evidenced based techniques to their repitoire so they can achieve their mission. However, I also hope it also leads to state departments of education and school districts learning some valuable lessons from TFA about the recruiting and training of teachers. At the very least, it should wake them up to the fact that simply getting a teaching certificate doesn’t mean you have all the qualities needed to be an effective teacher.


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