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Students, parents ask legislators for more school choice

CEAM trained advocates are continuing to share their stories of school choice with legislators in Jefferson City.

Last week, the effort was led by two students from Kansas City’s Quality Hill Crossroads High School.

Freshmen Julia Bond and Imani Berry spent a day at the capitol talking about how school choice, in their case access to charter schools, had changed their lives.

They shared their stories with Representatives Greg Razer, Ingrid Burnett, and Barbara Washington as well as Senators Jason Holsman and Shalonn “Kiki” Curls.

Most of the legislators were glad to hear how their constituents were benefiting from school choice but had several questions about proposed school choice legislation, like expanding charter schools.

Vist provides great civics learning opportunity

The students were joined by two parents, Veronica Woods and Wadandra McBride, from Kansas City charter school Hogan Preparatory Academy, and one Quality Hill Crossroads High School Parent, Becky Bond.

In addition to meeting with legislators, the group had a chance to learn about the legislative process and tour the capitol building.

“This is my first day to ever step foot in a capitol and I am 42,” said Becky Bond, explaining how great of an opportunity it was for both her and her daughter to see and be involved in the legislative process. “My daughter is only 14.”

“I think this opportunity is amazing because I get to share my personal story with people,” agreed Julia Bond. “Being here they get to see it from a kid’s point of view and I think it is really important to get my story and the rest of the student’s stories out there.”


Visit just part of effort to get students, parents more engaged

While last week’s visit to the capitol focused on students from charter schools, it was just part of CEAM’s ongoing efforts to help families across the state develop the skills needed to be strong advocates for improving education through school choice.

Since the beginning of the year, CEAM has hosted advocacy training programs in both Kansas City and St. Louis, helping a wide swath of people interested in education reform ranging from charter school advocates to private school parents and administrators.


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