Reimagining Education

Lisa Smith

Community Outreach Associate - North County St. Louis

Lisa Smith is a devoted parent advocate who has spent years advocating for all Missouri students to have access to a quality education. Actively engaging in the legislative process, she passionately testified in favor of several school choice bills.
Lisa’s impactful advocacy includes championing ESA’s in 2016 and in 2021 she witnessed the governor signing MOScholars into law. This groundbreaking initiative underscored her unwavering dedication and demonstrated the tangible impact a determined parent can have shaping educational policies.
What makes Lisa’s advocacy journey even more inspiring is that she is not only a champion for change but also a recipient of MOScholars. Her personal success story serves as a powerful testament to how a parents advocacy can result in the realization of their goals, showcasing the transformative influence one dedicated individual can have on educational opportunities for students across the state.