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Remembering a CEAM advocate

Adele Ewing, center, is pictured with her daughter, Dawn Jarvis, and and former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels at the annual CEAM Gala.

On April 20th, Adele Ewing, a beloved long-time CEAM advocate, passed away. She and her daughter Dawn Jarvis fought tirelessly for the past eight years to keep Adele’s two grandchildren in the Pattonville School District through the transfer program. 

Adele’s contribution to the school choice movement was tremendous. She attended many CEAM events, made many calls, sent emails and letters to legislators and the state board of education. She, along with Dawn, supported all school choice efforts because for them it wasn’t just about fighting for the education of their own children but for all children in Missouri.

Because of Adele’s relentless pursuit to keep her grandchildren in a high-quality school district, her granddaughter Kayla graduated from Pattonville High School this spring and will be starting college in the fall to pursue her passion to become an EMT. Adele’s grandson Dakota will be starting high school in the fall and will be able to finish his education in the Pattonville School District. 

Adele will always remain in the hearts of the CEAM Team staff and other advocates that were fortunate to have been able to work alongside her in the battle for access to a better education for all Missouri kids.

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